January 19, 2017

Love is Sacrificial

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Friday: Read 1 Ephesians 4:17- 5:22

Here is a list of behaviors that do not please the Lord. Make a list of things out of this passage that you struggle with. Which do you need to give up to be more committed to the Lord. With that being said we will fail and that’s where God’s grace (mercy) is shown. Pray for strength to continue to grow in Christ-likeness


Saturday: Read Matthew 16:24–25 and Mark 8:34–35

What does it mean to “deny” yourself and follow Jesus? What can you do to stay focused on Him though out the day?


Sunday:  Read Galatians 2:20

Try and memorize this today!


Monday: Read Matthew 13:44-46

Are you willing to give everything you have and give it to the Lord?  Are you all in?


Tuesday: Read Luke 5

What do you see in the disciples being called? Are you being called to follow Jesus, if so, what do you need to leave behind?


Wednesday: Read Luke 9

What is our “but first let me do ___________” attitude? What do you need to sacrifice today?


Thursday: Read Hebrews 12 1-17

What do you need to “lay side” to run your race?


Challenge of the week:

Pray that God reveals how you can love Him more?

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