My name is Alan Hensley. My wife Kristin and I are so blessed to be able to lead Rooted! We are pumped about all that God is doing in Rooted.  We have been blessed to be seeing God change lives through Rooted since we moved here in 2016.


I grew up in a small town in Colorado named Alamosa. Growing up in a place with little to do I learned quickly that having fun doesn’t equivalate with where you are at, but more so with who you are around. Having fun is what I like to do. Whether that would be quality time with my wife, being outdoors, or eating tacos, fun is always essential. My freshman year of college I attended a college ministry in Fort Collins, Colorado. During this time, the Lord really began to get ahold of me and my life was changed. Ever since then I have known that I wanted to give my life to sharing the gospel. I’ve really loved my time with Rooted so far and I’m excited for what’s to come!


I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO in a great Christian home. I always loved God, but I didn’t allow Him to be Lord over my life until I was in high school. After working at a summer camp in college, I knew that I wanted to do ministry full time. And here I am! God is awesome! I love game nights and eating desserts, so college ministry is a blast for me. Can’t wait to meet you all!

 Rising Leaders Program 


Our residency program exists to empower, equip, and send ministers of the Gospel into full-time ministry.  FUMC Durango is committed to investing in the next generation of Christian leaders.  We are excited to offer young adults an opportunity to partner with us in ministry while being able to learn under the great leadership of FUMC Durango.

Will Parkins

I grew up in Alamosa, Colorado and graduated from the High School there. My dad pastors a Church in Alamosa called Living Water Bible Fellowship. I was in church every Sunday but things really clicked for me my senior year of high school. I finally recognized that the Gospel wasn’t, “try to be a better person to get into to heaven” but it was the great news that Jesus rescued me in the midst of my ugliness, and that he loved me regardless of the things I had done and would do in the future. I realized his love was unchanging and steadfast and that I was justified and accepted not because of anything I had done, but because Jesus lived the life of obedience I hadn’t lived, and died the death I deserved. I am a student at Eternity Bible College, married to an amazing follower of Jesus, love to fish, and enjoy relaxing and reading. Also, ping pong is my jam.

Cassidy Parkins

I was born and raised in Monte Vista, and I also grew up attending Living Water Bible fellowship (Spoiler alert: That’s how Will and I became best friends). Throughout my life, the Grace of God has carried me through both trying and incredibly beautiful seasons. The Lord is so faithful and Worthy to be Praised. I am also a photographer with the hopes of sharing the Light of the Gospel by capturing his glorious creation. I love coffee dates, dropping movie quotes, and naps. I’m so excited for what God has in store for this year!!