Leadership Academy 

One of our goals in Rooted is to help raise up the next generation of Christian leaders.
Our Student Leadership team is made up of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are ready to help lead others in growing in their faith.  We value growing & equipping our leaders, simplicity, and opportunities within our leadership

 Growing & Equipping

We will have a monthly leadership meeting where we will spend time learning together.  These monthly leadership meetings will consist of a meal together, a time of learning, small groups, and prayer.

The leadership team commits to:

  • Being active in the Rooted Community, committing to Thursday night worship and other Rooted activities
  • Living above reproach, committing to our leadership covenant (view here)
  • Attend Fall/Winter Retreat

Time Commitments

  • Leadership Academy (1 hr. per week)
  • Bible Study (1.5 hrs. per week)
  • Meet up with one student (1 hr. per week)
  • 1 on 1 discipleship (1 hr. per week)
  • Service (1 hr. per week)
  • Rooted (1.5 hr. per week)




Each leadership team member will be a part of one of our four leadership teams.  Each leadership team will meet as they need throughout the semester to help create culture and lead within the Rooted community.  The following are the opportunities you have to lead within Rooted.

Worship:  This team gives leadership to the worship culture in Rooted and connecting students in relationship with God.
Connect: This team is over connections with new students and fostering community through event planning.
Grow:  This team gives direction and support for helping students grow in their faith through small groups, discipleship relationships, and events.
Send:  This team helps grow students through service within Rooted, outreach to our Fort Lewis, on local mission trips, and international mission trips.

Please fill out the following application if you are interested in applying to be on the Student Leadership Team.