Week 6

About John 9-20

In these last few chapters of John, we see more miracles from Jesus, learn more about his character, and witness how He fulfilled Old Testament prophecies through his crucifixion and resurrection.


Lazarus Raised from the Dead

One of the biggest things that stands out about Lazarus’ death is when Jesus says that this illness does not lead to death, but the glory of God. That is what we see throughout the whole account of Jesus’ friend’s death. Jesus purposefully waited to go see Lazarus in order that the Father would receive more glory. Jesus’ emotions are also very prominent in this section of John.

Jesus’ Speech and Prayer

Jesus washes the disciple’s feet and then prepares them for the days to come. He gives a speech about the Holy Spirit, how to abide, and predicts opposition. In chapter 17, we get to read a beautiful prayer that Jesus offers to the Father. It’s a great chapter.

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

You may know this story well, but we encourage you to take the time to sit back and listen. Remember that the Creator of the World is being mocked and hung for you. At the end of Chapter 20, we are told the reason for this book: that we may believe Jesus is the Christ and have life through Him.

I Am Statements

Thoughts to Ponder

Where do you see Jesus submitting to the Father? Look at your life and examine if you do the same.

We may feel that, as Christians, the world hates us. The end of chapter 15 can be an encouragement to us. Jesus reassures us that the world hated Him before it hated us. We’re in good company, my friends.

We learn a lot about the Holy Spirit in John 14 and 16. Re-read 14:12 and 16:4-15. How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in your life?

Next Week:

John 21; Job 1-10