Week 7

About John 21

In the final chapter of John, Jesus reveals himself again to seven disciples. As the book closes out, we read about an interesting conversation between Jesus and Peter.

About Job 1-10

Back to the Old Testament we go! The book of Job is ultimately about God’s sovereignty. Job struggles with the questions of if God is good, just, and trustworthy. In the first 2 chapters, Job endures pretty much every trial you could think of. In the rest of the chapters we get to be in on a conversation between Job and three of his friends. This conversation is a back-and-forth of Job accusing and questioning God and his friends trying to help him figure it out.



Jesus and Peter

Jesus asks Peter three times if Peter loves Him. Peter, all three times, replies with a resounding “yes!” It’s interesting to reflect on the fact that Peter is also the disciple who denied knowing Jesus three times. If you want more notes on this section, check out some commentary online or in a Study Bible!


Job’s Character

We are introduced to Job who is an upright man who turns away from evil. He is wealthy with many children and livestock.

Satan’s Tests

Satan approaches God and essentially says, “Job is only so upright because you have given him everything he could ever want.” God gives Satan permission to test Job. Satan then goes out and kills all of Job’s children and livestock in one day. 1:20-22 should stick out to us. We see that in the midst of all this suffering, Job was grieving and yet still worshipped God. Satan also reaches out and touches Job’s health. He gave him loathsome sores from his head to his foot. Job’s wife even tells Job to curse God and die, but Job recognizes God’s sovereignty.

Despair Over the Day of His Birth

Job’s friends come and sit with him in silence for seven days and seven nights. After this, however, Job begins to curse the day of his birth. His theme here is saying that it would be better for him to have not been born at all than to suffer all that he is suffering now.

Can Job Be Right Before God?

The dialogue between Job and his friends begins. In order to understand this section of Job, it’s really helpful to understand the whole book. We strongly encourage that you watch this video to help you get the whole overview of Job.

Helpful Hint:

It may also be helpful to read Job in NLT or NIV. But totally up to you!

Thoughts to Ponder:

The end of John tells us that Jesus did a ton more than what is recorded in this book. Aren’t you excited to learn all about His time on earth in full?

How do you think you would have responded if you were in Job’s situation? It’s incredible that Job worshipped in his grieving. Think about Job next time something unexpected or difficult comes up.

How do you think you would have responded if you were one of Job’s friends in this situation?

We start to see Job trusting God and His sovereignty. When do you feel you struggle most with this?

Next Week:

Job 11-22