Week 9

*Disclaimer, we’re one chapter short this week because I messed up last week. Whoops.*

About Job 23-33

We finish up the dialogue between Job and his three friends in these chapters and then are introduced to a new character, Elihu.


Job Talks a Lot

Almost all of these chapters are Job speaking on subjects such as the location of God, God’s power, the place of wisdom, and his personal path of integrity.

Elihu Introduced

A somewhat confusing character comes into the scene in chapter 32. We can notice a few things about him right off the bat. 1. He is angry toward both Job and his friends for different reasons. 2. He is young. 3. He seems to have been part of this whole conversation, but has been holding back because of his age.

Thoughts To Ponder

In chapter 26, Job essentially tells his friends to examine their hearts in their counsel. He wants them to consider if they are actually speaking on God’s behalf or if they are just saying what they want to say and claiming that God told them to say it. When you find yourself giving counsel to others, do you really take the time to allow God to speak through you or do you say what you want to say without thinking about it?

Chapter 28 is a cool one. Job comes to the conclusion that only God has all wisdom. He also states that fear of the Lord is wisdom and turning away from evil is understanding. What do those look like practically?

Chapter 30, Job talks about how he used to help the poor and needy, but now that he is in the same spot, no one helps him. Think of someone in your life who has been there for you in a hard time. How can you do the same for someone else this week?

Next Week

Job 34-42; 1 Corinthians 1-2