Week 8

About Job 11-22

In these chapters, we are continuing to be involved in the discussion between Job and his three friends. Towards the end of this reading, you can start to feel the tension between these friends. His friends continue over and over again to call him to repentance because they think all of his troubles are coming from his sins. Job starts to get frustrated as it seems his friends are no longer comforting him and urges his friends to step in his shoes.

His friends give long explanations about how God punishes the wicked and the wicked will suffer and thus, Job must be wicked. Job pretty much says, “But the wicked DO prosper here on this earth.”

Chapter 22 begins the “third cycle” of their conversations.


Thoughts to Ponder

Reading these chapters, we can see that both Job and his friends agree that God has supreme power. They all conclude that God brought this upon Job. They differ, however, in that his friends think it’s a sign of judgement upon him and Job trusts that God will testify on his behalf.

It’s obvious that Job does not understand why all of this is happening, but he still believes that God will redeem him through it. What life situations can you take that attitude in today?

At first glance, it may seem that these friends of Job are really good friends. Being there for him and calling him out of his sin. As stated before though, their “comforting” soon turned to defending themselves and (we find out later) wrongly speaking on God’s behalf. How can we find a good balance of calling friends out of sin, but also actually giving them comfort?

Next Week

Job 22-33

Also, this song is referencing Job and it’s pretty cool.