Week 4

About Genesis 36-47

This last part of Genesis goes very deeply into the life of Jacob’s sons, specifically his favorite son, Joseph. If you’re wondering, Joseph was Jacob’s favorite because he was Rachel (Jacob’s favorite wife)’s firstborn son. I guess Jacob just liked to pick favorites. Hang on to your seats, there’s a lot of life lessons to be learned from the story of Joseph!


Joseph and His Brothers

Joseph is his father’s favorite son out of 12. Joseph has dreams that all of his brothers bow down to him. His brothers get mad, throw him in a pit, decide to sell him as a slave to some Egyptians instead, and tell their father that a wild animal got him. His father is grieved.

Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

When Joseph gets to Egypt, he is automatically put into a high position with one of Pharaoh’s officers, Potiphar. Potiphar’s wife fancies Joseph and tries to seduce him. After multiple rejections, she ends up falsely accusing him of trying to sexually assault her. Joseph gets sent to prison for 2 years.

Joseph’s Interpretations

While in prison, Joseph interprets two men’s dreams. One of those men is restored to his former position and Joseph asks him to not forget about him as he has been falsely accused. The man does forget about Joseph until Pharaoh has a dream that he needs interpreted. Joseph is released from jail to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and then also restored to a high position.

Joseph’s Brothers Return

Joseph’s brothers find themselves in a famine and must go to Egypt to ask Joseph himself (although they did not recognize him) for food. Eventually, Joseph reveals who he is and has compassion toward his brothers.

Thoughts to Ponder

Do you feel you would have Joseph’s attitude through all of these trials? What is the biggest thing you notice about his character?

In this video, Alan talks about similarities between Christ and Joseph. Think about the similarities you see before you watch the video.

The sermon starts around 27 minutes in. We encourage you to watch it to get some more thoughts on Joseph!

Bitterness or Faithfulness