Week 13!

About Daniel 10-12

Daniel has a vision of an angelic being telling of the future final conflict among the nations. Him and his angelic friend then discuss the end times.

About 1 Timothy

This is Paul’s first letter to his friend and “co-worker,” Timothy concerning issues that were arising at the church in Ephesus. The theme of Timothy is that the Gospel should lead to life change for those who believe in it.

About Joel

For everything about Joel, watch the video below. It’s pretty much about the judgement against Judah and the Day of the Lord, followed by the mercy of the Lord and judgement against the nations (all oppressors of God’s people).



Daniel’s Vision

Daniel gets a vision of a heavenly being who tells him of great conflict of spiritual warfare happening in the heavenly realm. He tells him that there are many spiritual forces working against God’s people and Daniel grows so weak that he cannot even speak. They then discuss a detailed overview from Daniel’s time till the end time, the climactic conflict, and God’s ultimate victory.

1 Timothy

False Teachers

Paul is very concerned with the false teachers arising in Ephesus. He urges Timothy to confront those teachers in their doctrine. Whereas sound doctrine is like having a steadfast aim, unsound doctrine is having a swerving aim. He both opens and closes this letter warning about false teachers and how to spot them.

The Gospel’s Life-Changing Power

Paul contrasts the Gospel from false teaching by saying that the Gospel actually has transformational power, false teaching is useless. Throughout the letter, he encourages believers to pray for all people, train themselves for godliness, and to fight the good fight of faith.

Instructions for the Church

Paul states that the purpose of this letter is to relay how to behave in the church. He gives the roles of men and women in the church, states the qualifications for overseers and deacons, and writes on honoring widows, elders, and masters.


Thoughts to Ponder

In Daniel, they discuss the end times and how everyone’s names who are found written in the book will rise to everlasting life. This encourages us that present faithfulness to the Lord is worthwhile. In what areas of your life do you struggle to be faithful to the Lord? What areas are you really good at doing that?

Paul makes it clear that true doctrine leads to right living. What do you think this means?

Paul also encourages us to train ourselves for godliness to help us persevere in the face of false teaching. What do you think that practically looks like?